The CodeLab is an innovative study center located in the heart of the Prati district, aimed at students who want to graduate from high school or middle school, recover lost school years or even simply be followed in the form of after-school.

The CodeLab differs from all other study centers for an interactive pedagogical approach, aimed at a high quality preparation.

The CodeLab Research Team - made up of high-profile scholars with international training (Sorbonne) and engaged in university research - has developed a pedagogical model that is inspired by the principles of non-authoritarian education and that proposes a school as a dynamic place in which traditional contents intersect with the passions, interests and aspirations of young people.

With this in mind, CodeLab moves along two lines: the study of institutional programs through interactive learning practices is accompanied by cultural initiatives such as creative writing workshops, moments of reading literary works, guided visits to museums and archaeological sites and participation as spectators critical of theatrical performances.

The goal of CodeLab is to make the study more intuitive and - in the belief that the student's educational growth passes through the discovery of himself - to nourish his soul so that it can be realized in all its fullness and complexity.

The CodeLab of Rome is also the reference research center for the entire network of Code schools distributed in Italy and abroad.

If, as the philosopher James Hillman says, the goal of every man is to achieve those aimed at realizing his own deeper nature, then the CodeLab approach aims to make each boy train by understanding what his true essence is.

Via Boezio, 6

Via Boezio 6

Via A. Regolo 19

Via Regolo

Piazza Marconi 15

Piazza Marconi