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Pick Center Club Regulation

The following translation of the Regulation serves purely for the purpose of information for foreign languages-speaking clients. The reference text shall be the Italian document, exclusively.


The present document regulates the functioning of the so-called “Pick Center Club” programme (below referenced to as “the Programme”) as well as the conditions for participation to the Programme itself; registration to the Programme – according to the procedure which is indicated in Paragraph “Participants” – entails integral acceptance of the present document in its entirety and without reservation.

The Programme allocates points to Pick Center’s existing and potential clients – as indicated in Paragraph “Participants” – according to Pick Center Services as subjects of purchase/interest and potential marketing/promotional activities, which will be defined on a case-by-case basis; the use of points allows the Programme’s participants to obtain discounts on their purchase of Pick Center Services.

A copy of the Regulation of the Programme can be found on Pick Center website www.pickcenter.it and it can be requested – with no charge – to Pick Center Customer Service’s hotline 800.189.099 or by email at info@pickcenter.com.

The Organiser

The organiser of the Programme is PICK CENTER ROMA S.R.L. Unipersonale, headquartered in Via Attilio Regolo 19, 00192 Rome, VAT number 12599371007, (below referred to as “Pick Center”), operating in the Business Center and Co-working sector, through office rental, as well as meeting rooms, training rooms, virtual offices, shared workspaces and all relating services.


The Programme is carried out within the territory of the Italian Republic, of Città del Vaticano and of the Republic of San Marino (below referred to as “Territory”) and will be valid for all activities carried out in Pick Center’s three current offices and particularly in the Business Center sites in:

  • Via A. Regolo 19, 00192 Rome

  • Via Boezio 6, 00193 Rome

  • Piazza Marconi 15, 00144 Rome

Pick Center reserves the right to extend the Programme to include other future potential offices in the Territory, should they be available during the duration of Programme and of which the participants will receive appropriate notice.


Participation in the Programme is free of charge. Anyone who is over 18 years old may participate in the Programme himself/herself or on behalf of his/her company; it is understood that only one representative per company can sign up, however the company will be able to gain and use the points accumulated with services purchased.

The Programme, according to the following paragraph, is open to companies or individuals who:

  • Are Pick Center’s clients, through previous purchase of any one of Pick Center Services – e.g. any rental of offices, meeting rooms, co-working rooms and virtual office, etc.

  • Are potential clients of Pick Center, through requests of information, of quotation or subscription to Pick Center’s Newsletter.

Participants must sign up online in the appropriate area of www.pickcenter.it in order to join the Programme. .


A) Collection of points

Participants who purchase any one of Pick Center services as indicated in TABLE 1 below will be awarded the corresponding points as indicated in TABLE 1. When points are awarded as directly proportional to the amount spent by the participant – e.g. in relation to “Day Office, Meeting Rooms” services – any fractions of multiples of €10 will not grant any points (e.g. €176=17 points). It is possible to obtain points for standard services solely when said services are booked online, through the dedicated website area. The amounts indicated in TABLE 1 are stated net of VAT, discounts and amounts relating to services which imply a cost price for Pick Center and which do not generate points, such as: postal services, use of couriers, services carried out on behalf of the client, Coffee-Break, Quick Lunch.

Table 1


Service purchased Points accumulated
Basic services:
Day Office
1 point every €10
Meeting Rooms 1 point every €10
Training Rooms 1 point every €10
Meeting Rooms 1 point every €10

Service purchased Points accumulated

Virtual Office:
Standard Postal Service

5 points/ months
Legal Address 10 points/ months
Full Smart Service 10 points/ months
Full Standard/Business Service 10 points/ months
Loyalty Bonus for contracts with duration longer than 6 consecutive months 5 points

Service purchased Points accumulated
Coworking Nomad / Resident
Loyalty Bonus for renewals – including monthly renewals
5 points

Service purchased Points accumulated
Coworking Nomad Plus / Resident Plus
Loyalty Bonus for renewals – including monthly renewals
5 points
Service purchased Points accumulated
Full-Time Hot Desking Service 15 points/ months
Loyalty Bonus for bimonthly renewals 5 points

Service purchased Points accumulated
Office Sharing 10 points/ months

Service purchased Points accumulated

Office spaces for exclusive use

First office 100 points/ month
From two offices onwards 30 points/ month per office
Loyalty Bonus for office rental contracts with duration longer than 6 consecutive months 50 points

Service purchased Points accumulated

Subscription Bonus:

Subscription to the Newsletter

5 points
Subscription to the Club 10 points

Pick Center can award points in relation to specific marketing or promotional activities, which will be communicated appropriately.
Points awarded to the participants of the Programme will be credited to an electronic account managed by Pick Center (“Account”). The participant will be able to check the updated balance of his/her Account at any time on the private area of www.pickcenter.it, which is accessible with a User ID and personal password; points will be calculated and credited to the Account of the participants upon issuing of the invoice for the purchased service; alternatively, with reference to the aforementioned specific marketing/promotional activities, at varying times as will be indicated.
Any complaint regarding the methods of crediting points to the Account – e.g. failure to credit points and/or wrong crediting – must be presented in writing and sent to Pick Center Customer Service at info@pickcenter.it within 60 days from the day in which failure to credit points or wrong crediting occurred. Complaints must be sent with adequate documents which may be proof of any allegations made – e.g. evidence of rental of a meeting room and subsequent charged costs, lacking any resulting crediting of points. All documents will then be verified by Pick Center.

B) Usability of points

Points collected through participation in the programme, according to terms and conditions stated in the present document, will allow to obtain discounts on following purchases of Pick Center products; each point will have a 1 Euro value. The value is stated net of VAT.

The following conditions are enforced:

  • Participants can gradually use a number of points to obtain a discount, capped at 30% of the price of each of the following services:

    • Standard Services:

      • Day Office

      • Meeting Rooms

      • Training Rooms

    • Accessory Services:

      • Telephone Service

        • Urban

        • Inter-urban

        • Mobile

        • International: Europe/North America

      • Telefax Service

        • Inbound messages

        • Outbound messages

        • Broadcasting fixed fee

        • Outbound papers (?)

      • Timed Answering Machine

        • In Italian

        • In foreign language

      • Errand Boy Service

        • For urban errands

      • Expert software Assistance

        • Right to call (Mon-Fri 9 am – 6 pm)

        • Specialised assistance

      • Workstation: use of teleworking station

      • Reservation

        • Plane, train, hotel, etc.

      • Rental

        • Flipchart

        • Video projector

        • Personal computer/laptop rental

The remaining cost of service will be paid by the participants as their own standard mode of payment.

  • Where a renewal following an uninterrupted 12 months- contract is carried out, a number of points can be used to obtain a discount, which will be capped at 3% of a monthly fee for the following services:

    • Exclusive use offices

    • Virtual office

    • Legal address

    • Office sharing

    • Hot desk full time

    • Coworking base

  • Said uninterrupted 12 months are independent from the duration of the contract – e.g. they can be reached after four renewals of a three-month contract or after two renewals of a six-month contract

  • Discounts on the monthly fee can only be used once in 12 months

  • Potential marketing/promotional activities which allow a broader and different use of points will be disclosed appropriately by Pick Center

  • Intention of using points to obtain discounts must be expressed through the following:

    • For clients with ongoing contracts in place – e.g. offices, addresses, legal address, etc. – exclusively online on the private area of www.pickcenter.it
    • For clients without an ongoing contract, exclusively via email at info@pickcenter.it
    • It is only possible to request use of points once a day
    • It is not possible to request discount on the same purchased service more than once
  • Discounted amounts for the use of points do not generate more points.

  • All bookings, with or without using collected points, are subject to verification of availability on the part of Pick Center.

  • It is not possible to use collected points to obtain discounts on:

    • Services to which discounts have already been applied, or with promotional fares
    • Services which do not generate points

    • Services which are not indicated in Table 1 – e.g. postal services, couriers, services carried out in the name and on behalf of the client, Coffee Break and Quick Lunch services.

  • It will be possible to use collected points up until 18 months from the participant’s last purchase of services, provided that registration to the Programme is not cancelled during this time

  • In the event of cancellation of registration to the Programme, it will no longer be possible to use collected points

  • It is not possible to convert collected points into money, nor to hand over collected points to any third party


The expiry date of collected points is due 18 months after the participant’s last purchase of services; beyond said expiry date, the collected points’ validity will automatically terminate and it will no longer be possible to use them. In the event of Pick Center’s cancellation of the Programme, participants will be allowed to use any points collected before the cancellation date for 18 months.

Participants have the right to terminate their participation to the Programme at any time; simply call Pick Center Customer Service at its hotline 800.189.099 or email info@pickcenter.com.

Pick Center has the right to either suspend or cancel participants’ registration to the Programme, effective immediately, as agreed upon in the contract signed with every participant, stating grounds for cancellation or suspension of registration; in this case, participants must receive written notice.

Cancellation of registration to the Programme results in the loss of all of the participant’s collected points, with no possibility of redeeming points.

Via Boezio, 4/C

Via Boezio 4/C

Via A. Regolo 19

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Piazza Marconi 15

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