PickCenter history

The idea of Pick Center was created on the american sample of the serviced offices or business center that are furnished offices with customized secretarial services to be used for short or long periods. It seems that this model was born in the ancient 1929 during the great depression, thanks to a team of lawyers that in order to reduce the management costs of their offices started sharing many services related and additional to their activity, such as meeting rooms and secretarial services.

The idea was to repeat the same model also in italy where, in the meantime, the same necessity started to raise
In 1987 we opened the first building in rome, in via attilio regolo.

Over the years we have realized the importance of the business center concept: its rapidity, flexibility and savings , so we decided to increase our operative centers. In 2001 we opened the building in the prati district and in 2006 followed the one in the eur district, which is the most important directional core of rome, inside the historical modern art palace.

The accession to an international circuit of independent business centers in the 90’ will give Pick Center customers the possibility to use the same services all around the world.

The usefulness of Pick Center is to offer companies , professionals and new people starting their businesses for the very first time the possibility to start immediately the activity with no startup, management and maintenance costs offering different and flexible solutions for several needs.

Pick Center philosophy aims to improve constantly the services offered both technologically and environmentally and to keep them comfortable offering working spaces modern and in line with the clients needs as for technology. Moreover a highly qualified staff is available to support the client.

The challenges Lorenzo Cea, Marzia Bucci and their staff in Pick Center have engaged through the years have been widely overcome thanks to the many clients that have realized the advantages they had compared to a traditional office: flexibility both in terms of time and space, less boureaucratic duties. Dynamism, immediate reactivity, high standards, saving are all the market require and Pick Center has been able to offer them at a high level.