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Within Pick Center’s offices, people are welcomed everyday who significantly differ from each other; it is therefore instinctive for us to pay strict attention to everyone’s needs and to attempt to make your stay in our workspaces a pleasant and fulfilling experience. Every day, through very concrete actions, we do promote our very own approach to sustainability, characterised by inclusion and wellbeing, aimed not only at important environmental issues, but also at the social aspect.


Our meeting rooms are plastic-free: we provide water bottles made from fully compostable biological material, as well as paper cups.

Energy saving and environmental impact

We have recently reformed our climatization strategy in our Eur offices, where we have installed a modern, highly technological thermoregulatory facility, with a low environmental impact. The thermoregulatory facility is computerised and it performs extremely efficiently, customising its own performance for every environment. Additionally, we carry out all possible solutions to avoid heat dispersion.

 Pick Center

Waste Sorting

And, of course, we commit to recycling!

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Inclusion and Wellbeing

 Pick Center

We all need our office life to be peaceful and at Pick Center we strive to make it possible: at our offices in Prati in the heart of Rome and in Eur, Rome’s prestigious business district, we welcome you with typical Italian warmth and with a nice biological fruit basket thought for your wellbeing.

Pet Friendly

Our offices are pet-friendly; your pet friends are welcome here!

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 Pick Center

Here at Pick Center we make no distinction of gender among employees – where the majority is made up of women – nor among our clients. We promote talent and passion: such is the substance of our work.

Via Boezio, 4/C

Via Boezio 4/C

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