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Who we are


The sharing strategy that maximises resources.

Organised spaces, shared to make your business sturdy and customised for you; stimulating places to augment your opportunities, ideas and relations.

A little bit of history

 Pick Center

An intuition of an imminent great change of the modalities of working, led, in 1987, Lorenzo Cea and Marzia Bucci to open Pick Center’s first headquarters in Rome, in Via Attilio Regolo.

The business centre’s formula offered a degree of immediacy, flexibility and economy which grew ever sought after in time and, subsequently, lead to the opening of a second office in Roma Prati and a third one in Roma Eur, inside the historic Palazzo dell’Arte Moderna.

The Italian Style

While the business centres’ template derives from United States, Pick Center’s unique style is wholly, authentically Italian; it displays a mixture of kindness, collaboration, warmth and passion, combined with tools of advanced technology. And adding to all that, the priceless advantage of working in some of the most prestigious neighbourhoods of Rome.

 Pick Center

Smart Working

 Pick Center

We never stop searching for novel, more flexible solutions for the workplace; that is because our clients are so diverse: freelancers, small and large companies, start-ups and spin-offs.


We love to connect people and companies, which is why we are constantly creating opportunities to meet and to share for all the different realities which share our spaces

 Pick Center

Via Boezio, 4/C

Via Boezio 4/C

Via A. Regolo 19

Via Regolo

Piazza Marconi 15

Piazza Marconi