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Spazi coworking a Roma Centro e all'EUR Pick Center
Spazi coworking a Roma Centro e all'EUR Pick Center
Spazi coworking a Roma Centro e all'EUR Pick Center

If you want to work Smart, Pick Center Coworking is the perfect solution for you.
The world of work is changing and flexibility is the key word for the spaces, hours and locations. Discover a new way to work in a place where you can match autonomy and networking developing new connections for new synergies and opportunities. It’s cheap and compatible with your business. This is what it means to work Smart, this is Pick Center Coworking.
Choose your working station fully equipped in a shared area; decide without bonds for how long and how you can use it and you will be operative straight away. With the solutions on demand and “package” you will have the maximum flexibility for short or long periods.
The Coworking station is the true valid alternative to home working, to open to the world outside, to better develop your potential, to live your profession in a dynamic and stimulating place where you can also decide the hours; in short: to live and work better.

The cost of the station includes:

  • Costs of activation of the service

  • Access to the shared areas and Coffee area

  • SMS/Whatsapp service for urgent for communication service

  • Air conditioning, electric power, cleaning and maintenance

  • Possibility of access 24 H, 7 days

  • Safety system for access detection and remote surveillance 24 H

  • Intrusion , fire and flooding alarms

  • Insurance of the building

  • Access to Pick Center Nework with discounts and facilitations in the major Italian and foreign cities.

The connectivity service includes:

  • WiFi connection from 2 to 4 Mbps

  • Active protection system with Firewall

What is Coworking?
It is an innovative and smart formula which allows you to have an Hot Desk workstation within a shared space. A creative, dynamic and immersive atmosphere where freelance professionals or anyone who does not need a furnished office can focus and be motivated to carry out their work, a proper alternative to working from home.

Can I use the coworking spot sporadically?
Certainly. Coworking spaces can be used through single daily accesses, through prepaid hourly carnets or in a continuous manner, with the Nomad or Resident options.

What is the difference between Hot Desk in Coworking space and Reserved Workstation?
Hot Desk in Coworking space is a workstation within a space shared with other companies, whereas the Reserved Workstation is in a small room dedicated to you.
Both can be used in prepaid packages and continuously and exclusively for the entire month.

What if I need to connect to the Internet?
When you are using are Hot Desk in Coworking spaces, High Speed Internet connection is included for you, wireless or cable.

How do prepaid packages work?
You can buy an hourly carnet for the Coworking spaces or 10/20 uses packages of 10/20 uses – 4 hours each – for Reserved Workstation and, by booking through our Reception, you will be able to use a workstation whenever you need one.

Do Reserved Workstation and Coworking packages expire?
Yes, your Coworking carnets will have to be used within two months, whereas you will have 12 months’ time for your Reserved Workstation.

Can I use the Hot Desk Coworking packages in all three of Pick Center’s venues?
Yes, certainly. You can choose where to work – Prati or Eur – every time you need the workstation, simply by booking it through our secretary.

What common areas are available to the Clients?
At every one of our venues you will find a reception area and waiting rooms for you and your guests, lounge areas and Coffee corners with vending machines where you can find hot and cold beverages and snacks.

What additional services are available to me?
Upon request, you can have many more services and workspaces, so you can find the perfect formula for yourself:
• Day office
• Hourly meeting rooms hosting from 6 to 70 people
• Videoconference and web conference
• Pick Center staff assistance for printing, copying, bookbinding, translations, bookings or any other secretary support
• Delivery service for errands
• Virtual Office
• Legal address/tax domiciliation

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