What is the Club

Pick Center Club is the program that allows you to access exclusive discounts and benefits.

Join the Business Network that helps you to optimize your business activities, grow with new business opportunities, and save on the costs of your workspace and services offered by other members. Join the Pick Center Club!

pick center uffici coworking sale riunioni roma


The Pick Center Club offers you the opportunity to promote your business effectively; you can use the sharing spaces we provide, posts on our social media channels, an article on our website, communications to other members, and TV screens in our centers. Create your communication, and we will share it for free within the Network.


Your business has new customers right near you! Create a special offer dedicated to Club members, and we will promote it through our channels, making it visible on the Pick Center website. Organize a presentation event for your business at our centers, and we will invite other members to participate. Establish new relationships and exchange ideas with the Pick Center Club Business Network, so you can grow your business right at your workplace.

pick center uffici coworking sale riunioni roma
pick center uffici coworking sale riunioni roma


Turn your purchases at Pick Center centers into discounts. Every time you rent an office, a coworking space, a meeting room, and many other services, you accumulate points that you can use immediately to get discounts on your next purchases. The mechanism is easy and straightforward: every €10 spent becomes €1 off, making our already very affordable rates even lighter.

Additionally, you can access discounts and special offers from the Business Network reserved for Club members, as well as many special conditions that Pick Center obtains from its partners exclusively for you.

Joining the Club is very easy

  • Sign up online: it’s simple and free
  • You can join the Club even if you are not a customer; receive “welcome bonus points” that you can use during your first purchases

Joining the Club brings many benefits

  • Use accumulated points to get discounts directly on your bill
  • Access discounts and exclusive promotions for club members
  • Access your Personal area Propose your exclusive special offer for other Club members
  • Access agreements reserved for club members

How to earn points

  • Purchase any of the Pick Center services listed in TABLE 1 of the terms and conditions and earn the corresponding number of points indicated in the same TABLE 1.
  • You can also earn points related to specific promotional activities that will be communicated to you appropriately.
  • Check your points balance updated in your Personal area that will be credited to your personal account
  • Receive notification via email when your statement, in electronic format, will be available.

How to use points

  • With the accumulated points, get discounts on subsequent purchases of Pick Center products according to the methods indicated in the regulation
  • Each point will have a value of €1 and the value is net of VAT.
  • Request discounts through the dedicated “Booking” system in your Personal area where the relevant methods and timing will be indicated.
  • All discount requests using points made by the 25th of each month will be applied in the first useful invoice of the following month.
  • Discounts for using points do not generate new points Remember that all reservations, with or without the use of points, are subject to availability verification by Pick Center.
  • As long as you maintain your Club membership, you can use the accumulated points for up to 18 months from the purchase of the last service

Read the Terms and conditions

Access your Personal area

Check all Ongoing Promotions

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