Who we are


Sharing that multiplies resources.

Organized and shared spaces to make your business solid and tailored to you; stimulating places to increase opportunities, ideas, and relationships.

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With the intuition of an imminent major change in the way of working, Lorenzo Cea and Marzia Bucci opened the first Pick Center location in 1987 in Rome Centro, in Via Attilio Regolo.

The immediacy, flexibility, and cost savings offered by the business center formula became increasingly sought after, leading to the opening of a second center in Rome Prati and a third in Rome Eur, within the historic Palazzo dell’Arte Moderna.


If the model of business centers derives from the United States, the atmosphere at Pick Center is authentically Italian; a blend of courtesy, collaboration, warmth, and passion combined with state-of-the-art technology. Plus, the invaluable advantage of working in some of the most prestigious areas of Rome.

pick center uffici coworking sale riunioni roma
pick center uffici coworking sale riunioni roma


We never stop thinking about new and more flexible work solutions because our clients are very diverse: freelancers, small and large companies, start-ups, and spin-offs.


We enjoy connecting people and businesses, which is why we continuously create opportunities for meeting and exchanging ideas among the entities that share our spaces.

pick center uffici coworking sale riunioni roma