Frareg specialises in providing companies with consulting services and training on work safety, Occupational Medicine, Management Systems, Quality, Environment, Privacy and Organizational Models.

Some of our services:

SAFETY AT WORK (Taking on the external RSPP assignment, Preparation of the Risk Assessment Document, Emergency Plans, HACCP Food Hygiene Consultancy, ISO 45001 Certification Consultancy, etc.)
LABOR MEDICINE (National and capillary coverage with over 100 doctors managed directly, over 60 clinics and 50 affiliated laboratories, health coordination, operational coordination and back-office, customer interface with proprietary web-based portal)
TECHNICAL ADVICE (Surveys of Industrial Hygiene, Surveys and Environmental Technical Services, Periodic Verifications of Grounding and Other technical services, etc.)
TRAINING & E-LEARNING (Dedicated or inter-company classroom courses with the participation of qualified teachers throughout the national territory, proprietary e-learning platform with independently developed content, Participation in European projects - Assistance for access to financed Training, etc.)
ORGANIZATIONAL MODELS AND MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS (Consultancy for the Adoption of an Organizational Model and / or its updating, Participation in the Supervisory Body, Consultancy for ISO 14001 or EMAS Certification, Environmental Technical Consultancy, Consultancy for ISO 9001 Certification, Accreditation Consultancy, etc.)
PRIVACY (Basic Advice on Privacy and Data Security, Annual Assistance and Technical Interventions, etc.)

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