Letswork Agenzia per il lavoro

The founding members and the internal staff come from decades of experience gained in multinationals in the HUMAN RESOURCES sector and from significant entrepreneurial paths in the sector of Employment Agencies.
LETSWORK represents for the COMPANIES an innovative solution able to satisfy, through a single and single interlocutor, all the needs in the human resources field.
LETSWORK represents a new model for HR PROFESSIONALS, a point of reference for those who want to access high-value services and who want to fully benefit from all the potential that the HR sector offers, without any restrictions. The APE is the symbol of work, of industriousness, of DOING par excellence. For us it also represents the concept of working TOGETHER with a common goal. In fact, we believe that networking and networking are the most effective and satisfying tools for operators in the sector and for their client companies. Our VISION is to become the first and largest NETWORK of HR PROFESSIONALS in Italy. This is why we want to collaborate with all those professional figures who have always worked in the human resources sector and who know him very well.
LETSWORK believes in hard WORK and MERIT but above all believes in PEOPLE and their TALENT.

Via Boezio, 4/C

Via Boezio 4/C

Via A. Regolo 19

Via Regolo

Piazza Marconi 15

Piazza Marconi