Network Fiscale

Network Fiscale S.r.l. deals with Tax, Labor and Administrative Assistance, both in the public sector and in the private sector, in particular addressing medium and large companies.
Our high professional level and high technological investments allow us to provide the service throughout Italy with full satisfaction of our customers. Who are free to request a type of advice:

by signing a proposal for periodic collaboration;

by subscribing to a subscription;
spot or one-off;

with the provision of our services through video conferences or on-line assistance tickets in an encrypted and reserved environment.

Last but not least, we offer those who need to have a serious accounting system in order to be able to monitor the economic, asset, financial and management flows of their company on a daily basis, latest generation cloud software with accounting assistance included through encrypted video calls and in absolute confidentiality.

Characteristics of our main services:

Installation of cloud accounting systems through latest generation software offered to our customers

Real-time budgets (no accountant dead times in the survey)

Assistance, training and monitoring in online video conferences

Tax, accounting, labor and legal opinions

Tax planning for groups, companies, families, aimed at determining lawful tax savings

Protection of assets for the purpose of the income meter

Qualified and specialized assistance for non-profit organizations and associations and / or sports clubs throughout Italy (A.S.D. – S.S.D.)

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